Hello, my name is Heather Schram.

Consciousness Creator Coach & Numerologist

Over the years, although making “good” money as a high school teacher, I found myself continuously in the same situation financially; always running out of money before my next paycheck. I was finally fed up with constantly asking myself why I could not seem to get myself out of this cycle; I decided to do something about it.

I started doing a lot of high-level trainings in money consciousness (including learning about the energy of money and patriarchal conditioning) and money mindset (including how to let go of old money stories and self-sabotaging tendencies). And wouldn’t you know it, I started seeing evidence of these mindset shifts and my financial situation started to improve immensely!

I realized though, that my money stories were actually a part of something much bigger that needed working on – my self-awareness. The “money training” was actually my introduction to creating consciousness through an understanding of how energy works, and how applying a different perspective to my life experiences and situations made for a much happier, more fulfilled me. I now make decisions and take actions from a soul-led, conscious place. The work was so impactful for me that I decided to go on to become licensed as a Consciousness Creator Coach so I can help others through the same steps that I took to discovering, and living my true soul’s purpose.


  • Licensed Numerologist
  • Licensed Consciousness Creator
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
  • Teaching Certificate in Business Education
  • Masters in the Art of Teaching
  • Money Conscious Method Training
  • Abundant Life Experience Training
  • Courageous Coaching Method Training
  • School of Mastery Training
  • Energy Body Work


I have 17 years of teaching under my belt, and before that I was an Accountant. My reputation as a great teacher and leader precedes me.

In that time I have:

  • Taught, mentored, and coached thousands of students
  • Created new business courses (Agile Development Through English Language Arts, Real Estate Essentials, and Business Essentials) for the department
  • Became the Teacher Leader for the business department
  • Taught Accounting, Web Design, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, App Inventor, Scratch, Vex Coding, Agile Development Through English Language Arts, Entrepreneurship, Photoshop, Business Law, and Business Fundamentals
  • Applied and was approved for additional funding for 7 different Career and Technical Education programs through the State of Michigan
  • Created hundreds of templates for other teachers in my department to use for mandatory annual Career and Technical Education uploads
  • Became the district’s Career and Technical Education Coordinator
  • Hosted a Graphics program presentation for Michigan’s Governor Whitmer
  • Assist in the scheduling of 27 different teachers in the Business and CTE departments
  • Spoke in front of the Canton Chamber of Commerce
  • Spoke multiple times in front of the Plymouth-Canton School District’s Board of Education
  • Planned multiple annual events including the STEM/CTE Career Fair, Critical Skills Day, Healthcare Day, and Manufacturing Day
  • Work with the CTE Director on the State and Federal budgets for Career and Technical Education
  • Performed collecting, reporting, and analysis of all Career and Technical Education data fror both the State and Federal Governments
  • Presented to the Wayne County Intermediate School District
  •  Sat on several different interview panels for the hiring of administrators, teachers, and administrative assistants

I am highly motivated, extremely organized, and I take my work very seriously. I love to learn and am continuously adding to my skill set both as a coach, and a human. I have decided to take everything I have learned about teaching and coaching, as well as my business knowledge and put it towards being a heart-centered consciousness coach for others who are experiencing the same struggles that I have gone through. I care about the success of others; just ask anyone I have ever worked with or taught – my reputation really does speak for itself!