Consciousness Creation

Looking for a spiritual awakening?

What I am talking about here is much more than Law of Attraction, journaling, and a meditative practice.

I am talking about expanding into a higher level of consciousness. This is not simply changing your mindset, but actually changing your energy, and leveraging the power of the Universe to alchemize how you perceive EVERYTHING.

As female entrepreneurs, our business is us and we are our business. When things happen in our personal lives, or we try to work through negative feelings we have that are directly related to trauma that we have experienced in our lives, it directly effects how we show up in our business.

I am inviting you into a world of true self-discovery, emotional alchemy, and accessing tools that you didn’t even know existed. The reason that mindset or a self-care routine are only temporary is because there is still an absence of true consciousness, and therefore, the void energy that exists within you continues to exist. In order to truly remove that void energy, it has to be replaced with consciousness. THIS is how patterns stop repeating themselves.

Program Options:

A Conscious Awakening

This program is for beginners. If you are just starting to dabble into the spiritual realm, but don’t really have a strong grasp on how you can leverage it to begin elevating yourself into a higher level of consciousness, this program is for you.

What’s included:

  • A look at your spiritual timeline
  • A deep understanding of how the Universe works
  • Ego vs. Soul
  • The Seven Dimensions and how to manifest within them
  • An understanding of the Aquarian Age
  • The Law of Assignment and how it relates to your timeline
  • The Law of Reflection and how it relates to your timeline
  • How to alchemize your emotions
  • How to use your new understanding of the Universe in order to become more conscious, and therefore begin to transform your life
  • A meditative practice that will assist you in becoming a vibrational match for co-creation with the Universe for more powerful manifesting of all your desires

This stuff really does work. It has truly, and deeply, changed my life; from the way I do relationships, money, business, and everything in-between. I never understood why I always felt stuck until I went through this training myself. Now I am licensed to pass this gift on to you. I am here to transform energy and live out my soul’s purpose. Let’s do this!