I was always confused as to how to add my personality to my brand.
I understood the concept, but had no idea how to apply it. That’s where working with Heather really helped me the most. By going through Branding With Archetypes, I was able to put the pieces together, which helped me to show up in my business more authentically.
Megan McCartney
L.M.E., Clinical Director
Heather coaches on all of the tried-and-true, here-to-stay things that any entrepreneur would benefit from. Certain things in business come and go, but what Heather teaches and coaches on will always be relevant and integral in business!

Great content, great coaching, great experience.
Brooke Oprsal
Massage Therapist
I really found the branding words that are associated with my archetypes very useful for having a congruent in my posts and other copy. The Branding With Archetypes system was a lot more practical and tangible than I had assumed it would be, which I found really helpful. I think this would be a great program for new entrepreneurs to go through, especially if they are confused about articulating what their passion in business is.
Jessica Hughes-Skallos
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Heather Schram’s numerology reports are insightful and inspiring! Her astute interpretations proved to be both accurate and practical. Now I have intelligent access to my own strengths, as well as clarity on how to give myself permission to unlock them. I highly recommend Heather’s gift to anyone who strives to become a better version of themselves!
Dr. Rachel Royal
Marketing Analytics Expert